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For each order we plant a tree

Trees are great: they contribute invaluably to our climate - in a way that is completely natural, cheap and efficient.

Scientific studies have shown that once there were 6,000 billion trees on earth. Currently, only 3,000 billion are left.

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and in doing so help to counteract global warming. They also contribute to cloud formation and thus to cooling the earth. In addition, trees clean the air: they absorb greenhouse gases and air pollutants and produce valuable oxygen.

Reforestation Project in Mexico

We at GROUNDIES work with Plant-for-the-Planet. The organization plants trees for us on the Mexican peninsula Yucatán. As part of the reforestation project on degraded land, a healthy forest is being created again. On a total of 22,500 hectares, 100 employees from the region plant 9 native tree species and care for the trees as they grow. The growth rate is 94%. Each of the trees is guaranteed to bind at least 200kg of CO2 in its lifetime. Optimally cared for trees can bind up to 500kg.

This makes a valuable contribution to sustainable development for the local people. Workers profit from new perspectives and above-average social benefits.

The project is supervised and controlled by satellite-supported monitoring. The Crowther Lab at the ETH in Zurich provides scientific support. Professor Thomas W. Crowther and a team of 12 scientists are researching CO2 compensation through reforestation.

Children as climate ambassadors

Another goal of Plant-for-the-Planet is to educate and care for children as ambassadors for climate justice. More than 81,000 ambassadors in 73 countries are already inspiring more children, young people and adults to participate and to plant.

Young climate ambassadors have already spoken at the United Nations, at world climate conferences, in TED Talks and at many company events.

Ein Baum für jede GROUNDIES Bestellung

The goal of Plant-for-the-Planet is to plant 1,000 billion trees by 2020. And you can help: For every GROUNDIES order we plant a tree. A few days after your order you will receive your personal tree voucher from Plant-for-the-Planet as a certificate.

Learn more about Plant-for-the-Planet here.

Bäume pflanzen
Bäume pflanzen
Bäume pflanzen